Sporting Greatness On The Tip Of My Fingers.

Over the last eighteen months I have felt very lucky to be given the opportunity of working with Action Plus Sports Images to help them archive over 1.1 million iconic sports pictures in 35mm film slides. In terms of our progress, to date over 800,000 slides have been selected, digitised and all ready for the world to see, which is amazing progress in only eighteen months. On a personal note, aside from the painstaking task of closely checking every single slide’s sharpness & composition to eventually select the very best pictures from very old & fragile plastic sheets & getting them digitised, I am also able to study the very best sports pictures & in return give me an old school education into great sports photography. It makes it even more amazing when I am able to hold in my finger tips a tiny frame of a fantastic sports picture that was captured at the same time when I was watching the actual event on TV in my parents living room as a young boy & teenager.