Action Plus Sports Images Archive Project

Brief introduction about Action Plus Sports Images:
Action Plus Sports Images is the second oldest photographic agency in the United Kingdom having photographed every sporting event since 1976. Action Plus is positioned to supply our industry with powerful and seemingly endless visual ways to create, communicate and connect. As a leading creator and distributor of still imagery and other premium content, our goal is to inspire communicators – and give them the tools to create inspiring work of their own.

In 2017 Action Plus started the enormous task of editing over 1.1 million 35mm slides featuring historic sporting events from 1976-2001, such as Summer & Winter Olympic Games, FIFA World Cups, UEFA Champions League, Formula One, Tour de France, Rugby World Cup, Cricket World Cup etc. Currently, over 700,000 images have been edited and these are now in High Resolution scanning & metadata collection for public release shortly; the 1st set of 15,000-20,000 are almost ready for the world eyes for the 1st time ever with a finished set of 75000-85000 expected later in 2019.