Editorial Photographer London



a little bit about me


Life as a working Editorial Photographer is always fast paced, lively, and on the go. One day I’m inside a sell out stadium photographing sporting icons watched by tens of thousands of loud & exciting fans, the next I’m photographing a person for a client in a quite studio filled with strobes, speedlights and reflectors. What gives me the drive, the motivation, the thrill is going out there to produce beautiful photographs from my imagine and deliver the final pictures to the client.

I always believe hard work beats talent every time and I have been fortunate and proud to see my photographs published on a variety of major international newspapers and websites, in particular, The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Observer, The Sun, The Mirror, Daily Mail, Daily Star, The Evening Standard, The Metro, When Saturday Comes Magazine, Irish Independent online, BBC Sport, ESPN, NBC Sport, CNBC, Bloomberg, Microsoft MSN, Total Football, Tennis Magazine Japan, Yahoo Sports, The New Yorker and Sports Illustrated. My live sports photographs can be found on both Action Plus Sports Images and Getty Images.